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Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Svilen first came to Madrid in 2011 during his Erasmus year and immediately fell in love with the city’s multiculturalism and lifestyle (not to mention the welcome change in climate coming from Ireland)! Being in the center of Spain, Madrid was the perfect base camp and he traveled every weekend to different parts of the country. As all things do, Erasmus came to an end, but he was convinced he had to go back (also he was very tired of his mouldy, humid home in Dublin). Fortunately, he found his way back to Madrid and in 2015 went on his first hike with the original Hiking in Madrid club. Starting out first as a weekly participant in the hikes, he discovered some of the most amazing people, forming friendships that last to this day. Currently, he is serving as the events manager for the Hiking in Madrid club, while providing support to Alejandro during the hikes. Apart from hiking, Svilen likes to rock climb, dance lindy hop, and play guitar (badly). He speaks fluent Spanish, English, Bulgarian, and a very corrupt version of Brazilian Portuguese.

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