In 2012 two brothers David and Hugo started organizing hikes for the international community in Malaga. Beginning of 2013 one of them had to move to Madrid for work where Hiking in Madrid Club was founded.

Thanks to the people who contributed to making Hiking in Madrid a Big thing; we decided to make this project a bigger one and call it Hiking Europe Club with the goal of organizing free hikes and language/culture exchange to promote respect for nature and social cohesion.

The next thing was the Hiking club in Barcelona where Hugo went to work and after a while, Luxembourg and Sweden joined our exciting project too.

We are now present in 4 countries: Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga) Luxemburg, France, and Sweden with an international leadership team of experienced professionals. And the aim to organize clubs in the whole of Europe to integrate foreign into local groups and promote environmental awareness.  

Now, do you want to become part of Hiking Europe? Mail us! Send a message to hikingeuropeclub(at) and write us a motivation letter and the city you’d like to lead hikes and promote language exchanges!