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Starting on May 18th almost everyone in Spain will be in Phase 1 (Fase 1). But what is “Fase 1” and how does it affect us hikers? Are we allow to go hiking? Can we hike in the same province only? Can we drive a car to go to the mountains? Can we go in public transport to go hiking? How many people can go hiking together?

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If you were asking yourself any of those questions, keep reading! Answers are below.

As on May 16h, the “BOE” (the official bulletin issued by Spanish Government) published an specific article referring hiking and outdoor activities:

BOE from 16/05/2020 referring Hiking.

What it actually says that article is: “For the development of active tourism and nature activities, active and nature tourism activities may be carried out for groups of up to twenty people, under the same conditions as those established in Article 47/SND/399/2020 published on May the 9th.

Ok, but what was published on May the 9th, referring Hiking? Find it right under those lines:

Active and nature tourism activities may be carried out for groups of a maximum of up to ten people, by companies registered as companies of active tourism in the corresponding competent administration, under the conditions provided in the following sections. These activities will be arranged, preferably by appointment.

Active tourism activities may not be carried out in establishments or premises for this activity, whose common areas must remain closed to the public, except those corresponding to the reception area and, where appropriate, toilets and changing rooms, which must have disinfectant soap for hand washing and / or hydroalcoholic gels or disinfectants with virucidal activity authorized and registered by the Ministry of Health.

The activities will guarantee the interpersonal safety distance of two meters. When the safety distance cannot be maintained, the protective equipment appropriate to the level of risk. The equipment necessary to facilitate the activity will be disinfected according to the hygienic-sanitary measures established after each use by the client.

Conditions for the development of active tourism and nature activities
Article 47. Active and nature tourism.

Does it means you can go Hiking already? Yes, but complying with the above rules. And to make it simple, you can go hiking with max 20 people with a registered organization, in the same province your residence is stablished.


Can I go Hiking with some random MeetUp/Facebook/Whatsapp group which organizes it? As per the BOE, you cannot. This means you can be stopped and requested by authorities.

Can we go hiking with some friends? As long as you’re within the same province, in a small group and you’re respecting the rules of interpersonal distance; authorities might allow that depending on the situation.

Imagine a thousand people in the mountains around Barcelona or Madrid, even if the groups are splitted into “small groups of friends”, the crowd would be a signficant number, so authorities might ban that in behalf of COVID19 prevention. So plan ahead, where could you go not to overcrow the hikes! For example those routes in Madrid or those hikes in Barcelona are relatively out of the reach.

Can we go hiking with a registered organization? Yes, you can hike with a club in which you’re enrolled as member, or with a company in which you hire the service, as per the BOE has published.

We’ll go Hiking again soon!

Said so, remember Hiking Europe Club is registered in the Ministerio del Interior as an organization to do hiking and outdoor activities; would you like to become a member, just stay tuned for our upcoming events!

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