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Malaga, capital of Sun Coast, capital of Golf Coast, birthplace of Picasso…does it sounds appealing? Well, probably not as much as the Water Hikes in Málaga we’ve prepared for you! Especially during summers, where temperatures in Malaga rise up to 35ºC, water hikes are delicious.

Best is to prepare yourself. Water hikes might be physically demanding, as your body will be wet and half submerged most of the time. Yes, you can just walk few hundred meters and stay swimming in a natural pool. But isn’t more rewarding to hike up to the spring of the water? Hike up to the birth of a river is fun, a great sport and very inspiring. You’d need to be fit for this adventure as at some points you’ll need to dive, to swim on a tunnel with few cm of open space on the top, to climb and even to jump from few cliffs! To become ready, you can do some training at home, your arms will get used to the effort and you’ll be happy when the moment to prove it appears.

Referring material, either you can use those old rugged trainers you wear in the last festival. Or, and very much our preferred option, get yourself a pair of water sandals. We’ve tested quite already, and those are sturdy but comfy at the same time. Good shoes make long walks, so be sure the extra cost will pay it back to your feet. Some swimming clothes and water, and you’ll be ready to start.

Our first water hike in Malaga is the Cahorros, in Frigiliana. You can start from this village, which is close to Nerja. The town of Frigiliana is blooming during the three cultures festival, where a celebration about jewish, muslim and Christian inheritage is the key point. In the top of Frigiliana, next to the main square, you’ll see some roads going down to the river.

There are differente points to start, and all of them will get you wet! Also you can follow this track:

Once in the river trail, it’s easy! Just hike up the river stream. Remember the farther you hike the latest will be the return, so plan it properly. At maximum, 4h to go up and then go back is more than enough. Anyhow, be respectuful with the nature and keep the river clean…and overall, enjoy!

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