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Peak Musala, Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

Hiking and mountaineering wasn’t always a hobby of Alejandro. Hailing from Venezuela and after several long stops along the way he arrived in Madrid circa 2013. The first time he ever hiked in Madrid was with some friends and put forth 18 gruelling kilometres he (i.e. his legs) soon after regretted … but the feeling of connection with nature, the peace and the thrill of adventure lingered on. And so he began to hike. Soon after he discovered Hiking in Madrid. The first event with them was a hike to Peñalara in the snow. Fell in love with the mountains that day and it became its most significant hobby.

Along with bouldering and rock climbing, he also enjoy travelling, discovering new places and learning about the cultural aspects of any country. But, most of all, he loves to eat: the mountain might be food for the soul, but the body requires exquisite nourishment and a new dish is always an exciting trip he does not pass up, better shared of course. He speaks Spanish, English and is learning Japanese. よろしくおねがいします~

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